About your Electoral District Association (EDA)

Kingston and the Islands Electoral District Association (EDA) is the official Conservative board of directors in the Kingston area that represents the Party on a local level.


Gord Ohlke                   President                Office: 343-884-5505
Sue Henker                  Vice President
Christine Innocente       CFO
Deborah Mitchell           Secretary
Rob McIlroy                  Election Readiness


Suzanne Arseneau
Hugh Black
Eric Flowers
Charles Gaucher
Sylvia Green
Mark Hutchings              Fundraising
Howard Kennedy
Lee Kennedy
Kay Langmuir
Zack Lunetta                  Communications
Mark O'Farrell                 Membership
David Parker
John Ryder-Burbidge
Richard Ryder-Burbidge
Aidan Scott
Dylan Spence
James Stevenson
Sandra Yakoviychuk
Ruslan Yakoviychuk