President's Communications

April 2020

Greetings fellow Conservatives,

I trust that each and all are weathering these days of social restriction and quarantine. It seems that every estimate of the duration of protective measures extends the time we must expect to maintain social distance. As a result of these measures, the Party directs that all plans are on hold until further notice, although the Party Executive continues to hold virtual meetings.

Looking forward, for our KATI Conservative Association this means:

All stated plans for meetings are cancelled and we will reset everything
once we have the 'all clear.'

Noting that all suggested dates are tentative, I anticipate our sequence of meetings in this order, but not commencing before May 30, 2020:

In the week following the 'all clear' a meeting of the Board Executive.

Within two weeks of the Executive Meeting we will hold a full Board meeting - a possible date would be Tuesday June 16, 2020, at 7 PM, location to be confirmed.

We might then do a combined Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Delegate Selection Meeting (DSM) in July, possible date Tues July 21, 2020,  7-10 PM. Location to be confirmed.

We have achieved a great deal since the election. The following organisational building blocks are in place:

-Our KATI Conservative Association Constitution.

-A By-law governing performance expectations.

-A concept of organisational structure exists and is populated to begin further work.

-There is a concept of milestones to be achieved with a view to the next election.

There are at least two items we need to have in order to go forward, which are:

-A comprehensive training plan for all volunteers. (This exists in draft).

-A comprehensive Communications Plan. (Looking for a draft plan to the Executive electronically by April 30, 2020.)

Interspersed with volunteer training and Association development we'll plan some social times. (Does anyone remember those?) These will be in the form of luncheons and BBQs, etc.

Finally, if there is a positive aspect to this pandemic, it appears that even the CBC has finally observed and commented upon the Trudeau Government's failure to heed indications and warnings from our own National Intelligence Service linked as it is to those of our principal allies. Perhaps the media generally will at long last take a really hard look at the Trudeau Liberals and their many deficiencies.

For those whose philosophical outlook is secular, I wish you a pleasant April long weekend.

For those who adhere to faith I wish you a very Happy Easter or Passover.



Gordon Ohlke