President's Communications

Dec 2019

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

I am writing to you to introduce myself; my name is Gordon (Gord) Ohlke and I was elected to be President of our Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association, Electoral District Association.

Ruslan Yakoviychuk continues as our Conservative Candidate. We have elected new Executive members and and Directors to the Board.

Our reconstructed Board of Directors now numbers 30 in strength and I am glad to say that the members come from all walks of life in the Riding.

Ruslan and GordRuslan Yakoviychuk and Gordon Ohlke

In Kingston and the Islands certainly, there was much disillusionment amongst many Conservatives as we engaged in the recent election. Subsequently, we discovered that some 8,000 persons who formerly voted Conservative in federal elections simply stayed home.

Perhaps it is now well known, however, it bears repeating, the organisation that fought our Oct 21st Election campaign only came together ad hoc some few weeks before the writ.

Your new Executive and Board are determined to not let this happen again. We are in a minority government situation and despite the pundits we could be in another election campaign relatively soon. To this end, I ask that you renew your membership (if expired) in the Conservative Party of Canada.

We have plans to go forward with social events, to fund raise, and to continue rebuilding the Party locally. We will stage a Delegate Selection Meeting (date to be confirmed) ahead of the Conservative Party’s National Convention, to be held in Toronto 16-18 April 2019. The Annual General Meeting will be held in May 2019.

Christmas Conservative Logo

With your help and support we can win the next election nationally and in Kingston and the Islands.
I hope to meet everyone soon and wish each and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Gordon Ohlke
President EDA
Kingston and the Islands CPC