President's Communications

December 2020


Dear Fellow Conservatives,

No doubt that we are living through difficult times. People seek clarity and guidance, but there is much distorted information out of Ottawa, which creates confusion.

We look forward to the upcoming Conservative Policy Convention. According to Party President Scott Lamb: The Conservative Party National Policy Convention will now take place on March 18 to 20, 2021 exclusively online. We expect there will be strong policy proposals to get Canada moving again in the post Covid environment. In response to the Trudeau Liberals' 'Fall Economic Statement', on November 30, our Party Leader, the Honourable Erin O'Toole provided a clear indication of this.

The truth is the Liberals’ economic response has been erratic and confused. Millions more Canadians were put on the CERB than necessary when their jobs could have been maintained if the Liberals had implemented a wage subsidy earlier.

Undoubtedly, a policy as stated by Erin O'Toole would place the country and our citizens on a much better footing economically.

Within our EDA much is happening. Our Candidate Selection Committee is established, and we have several prospects going forward. If you wish to apply do not hesitate.

Please donate before the year-end. Due to covid-19 our ability to have fundraising events like our Speakers Series has been severely curtailed. We must not be caught flat-footed with an empty bank account should the election be called in the spring. The chart below indicates that your gift will provide an excellent deduction at tax time and your gift will be magnified by the tax credit . Please be generous


Finally, I wish each and all as warm and comforting a seasonal celebration as possible under current conditions. Let's all do our best to avoid a sense of isolation and to find the true joy and meaning of Christmas. Reach out to family, friends and people known to be less fortunate.


With all best wishes of the season and for a Happy New Year!




Gordon Ohlke