President's Communications

Jan 2020

Dear Conservative friends,

Happy New Year!


Our candidate was able to win over 13 thousand votes in October's Federal election. In the next election, we believe we can win, but we know that in Kingston it will be a serious challenge.

Your Electoral District Association has made great strides in organising itself for the next election. We have created several sub-committees to the Board which have started preparing now for election readiness, fund-raising, membership expansion, media relations, etc.



Donations via the national party site result in only 10 % of the money coming to an Electoral District Association. A donation to the Electoral District Association means 100% of funds are retained locally. Please donate via the link immediately below to maximize funds retained by your Kingston and the Islands Conservative Electoral District Association. Our goal is to raise $240k over the next 24 months. A $400 donation will reduce your taxable income by $300 giving the optimal return.  The annual maximum donation is $1625, and that will give you a tax credit of $650. 

Last year we reduced the Liberals to a minority government. Please help us make Justin Trudeau a drama teacher again.


Gordon Ohlke