President's Communications

Jun 2020

Greetings fellow Conservatives,

It appears we are approaching the day of election and this may occur very soon after we choose a new Party leader. The media is speculating that given a recent rise in favourable polls, the Trudeau Government may choose to call a snap election, perhaps through a provocation in a parliamentary vote leading to non-confidence. In addition, we have a report, which you may have seen, that Elections Canada is ordering new ballot boxes, seals, etc., in anticipation of conducting an election sooner rather than later.

2020 Leadership(Click above for Leadership Election Info)

To this end, we have established an Election Readiness Committee, chaired by Mr John Ryder-Burbidge, to develop ways and means to train and develop Party members in election support activities such as employing automated tools (Nation Builder, C2G, etc.), canvassing, and serving as a Poll Captain.

Nonetheless, In Kingston, we have much to do. We need to recruit every new member and renew every past and present member possible. If you know of an individual who is interested, whether new or lapsed, please invite them to join or rejoin the Party as the case might be.

Although there are electronic means to make donations, it is more advantageous to our KATI Electoral District Association if individuals send cheques. With a cheque we acquire clear contact information and 100% of the funds remain with us. It goes almost without saying that every dollar counts! In addition, funds donated to the federal party also benefits the association in the amount of 10% returning locally. The tax benefit from making a political donation varies as follows:

Donation Chart

To this end, please make donation cheques out to:

Kingston and The Islands Conservative Association

PO Box 1752 Station Main

Kingston ON K7L 5J6

Apart from this, along with every other Conservative EDA President, I am to vote for a new member of the Party Constitutional Council. I will do my utmost to ensure my vote goes to a candidate who is supportive, responsive, and keeps the interests of the EDA foremost within the Party structure.



Gordon Ohlke