President's Communications

November 2021

Greetings fellow Conservatives

I would like to open this post-election KATI CPC newsletter with my sincere thanks to our candidate of record, Gary Oosterhoff, and the entire campaign team for a well fought campaign in very trying times. We conducted a very smooth and productive melding of the KATI CPC Board with the candidate’s campaign team, and despite an incredibly short-notice election during a pandemic, our candidate and campaign team exceeded our expectations and increased Conservative votership by 17%. Although this was still not enough to win the riding, I want to let our Association know that Gary and his campaign team are fully committed to running in the next election and building on their successes to date. Gary has provided a letter of thanks to all Association members which can be found on the Association website.

A minority government presents an unpredictable timeline about when the next Federal Election may occur. Given this, I want to take the opportunity to highlight some upcoming KATI CPC activities and ensure you that we are firmly focused on winning in the next election; as always, we require your support, suggestions, and encouragement to make this happen. Further information will be provided as we get closer to these events:

· Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Saturday, 20 November 2021, 2pm to 5pm, the official notification is attached. It will be a virtual (Zoom) meeting

· New Board and Executive  – December 2021

· Membership Drive – January-April 2022

· Fundraising Drive – March-April 2022

· Speaker Event – April 2022 (suggestions for speakers are welcome)

· Summer BBQ – July 2022 (hopefully a less COVID restrictive event)

Finally, I would be remiss to not highlight that the key to all election campaigns is fundraising. We are thankful for the generous support provided to our candidate in this past election. It should be obvious to all Conservative members that the National Party continues to fundraise and is very effective at reaching out to membership to support the National Party cause. Please note that if you want 100% of your donation to stay with KATICA and the candidate of record, Gary Oosterhoff, then please use the following link for your donations.


With that, I wish each and all the very best, and I encourage your future participation in the Association and election activities.



Gordon Ohlke


Note: Donations are made within the calendar year and therefore a new donation cycle commences on 01 January

Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association





Conservative Party Kingston and the Islands Electoral District Association

Notice of Annual General Meeting:

Date: Saturday, November 20thth

Time: 2PM to 5 PM

Location: Virtual (Zoom)



**Please note, to be eligible to stand for election, or to vote at the AGM, you must be an active member as of October 27th 2021.

Members wishing to participate in voting, **must register per 11.8.1** by sending an e-mail to [email protected] by no later than 7:00 pm November 13th 2021.

Members wishing to stand for election, should e-mail their intent **per 7.5.3** to [email protected] by no later than 7:00pm November 18th 2021.


AGM Agenda

1. Report by the President on behalf of the Board of Directors;

2. Presentation of financial statements / Appointment of Auditor

3. Election of Directors

4. Other / New Business

5. Presentation of Candidate Report


For more information, please contact Regional Organizer Josiah Martinoski at [email protected] or 778-899-4027.