President's Communications

October 2020

Dear fellow Conservatives,
A virtual meeting of the new Board of Directors set the stage for KATI Conservative Board of Directors, elected virtually on Oct 1, 2020. The full slate and executive appointments are at the link:
We are in a search for a Candidate to contest the Riding of Kingston and the Islands in the next election. Directed by the Party, we have struck a Candidate Nomination Committee (CNC). This is a very sensitive process as individuals assess their opportunities and chances as potential nominees for the Candidacy. CNC members must maintain strictest objectivity. One thing is for certain. The future Candidate may count on an  EDA Board of Directors that is strong and comprises highly dedicated and capable individuals who are well motivated to win. 
We know the 44th Canadian federal election will take place on or before October 16, 2023. Nonetheless, the Trudeau Liberals continue to posture and threaten an election on confidence. The impression is that they use this bully tactic to keep the impoverished NDP in line and so retain power. Amateur theatrics aside, it is obvious that such antidemocratic activity solidifies deals before issues are tabled in Parliament.
In future, you will receive a more formal newsletter. We welcome Dianne Aziz to the Board of Directors. Dianne is now Communications Committee Chair and will coordinate publication providing the membership with a more comprehensive coverage of EDA activities and events.
Best always,
Gordon Ohlke
KATI Conservative Association