President's Communications

April 2022

Dear fellow Conservatives,

I think the biggest issue facing us as a Party is the election of a new leader. The EDA supports the process by keeping up memberships.

This is not to diminish the importance of other issues capturing media and public focus. There continues to be many issues locally, and globally that capture one’s attention. We had the economic and socially damaging Truckers’ Strike. We see the ongoing war in Ukraine with all its attendant brutality. Additionally, we have had the surprise move of an ‘agreement’ between the Federal Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party. One might observe that in other parts of the world, a political move that secures power outside of an election is often referred to as a ‘coup’, and that these are frequently executed in the name of stability.

Considering these issues, we have the task ahead to elect a new leader who will take us to a victory over a cynical and corrupt government that presides over our decline in international saliency, flouts parliamentary rules and inflicts punitive tariffs on a hapless public.

Likely, the union of the Liberals and the NDP will not survive as they initially hope it will and therefore, we must be ready to contest a federal election. To that end, please renew your memberships and encourage family and friends and to do the same. Try to recruit new party members too. To support our membership drive and fundraising, we are planning Party get-togethers and enlist leadership candidates as speakers.

We have a very strong Candidate of Record in Gary Oosterhof, a respected businessman who serves our community very well as a Kingston City Councillor. The Conservative Party leadership contest will serve to renew and energize our party. I think we will be well set to return a Conservative Member of Parliament to Ottawa from Kingston and the Islands by 2025, and perhaps sooner!



You must be a member of the Conservative Party of Canada to vote for the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Canada’s Conservatives will choose their new leader on September 10, 2022Your membership to vote must be active by June 3, 2022.