President's Communications

President's Communications

July 2020

Greetings fellow Conservatives,

Life and politics often take surprising turns. The corruption scandals involving the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, unprecedented in Canadian Parliamentary history, came to light in a blaze of media coverage. Our Ethics Critic, MP Michael Barrett, is doing a wonderful job at calling out the Government on their serialised breaches in ethics. He makes a great impression as an ethical Parliamentarian.

Previously, we thought a snap election was quite possible, now it is more likely the Liberals will attempt to hold on to power longer to let public outrage of the scandals dissipate. They may well be disappointed in this should there be a motion of nonconfidence put before Parliament.

We have nearly doubled our membership from the time we took over as the Board with over 800 members signed up now. Our Membership Chair, Mr Mark O’Farrell has written on this subject in more detail. Suffice it to say here that the news is particularly good!

Along with my fellow board members, I have mailed in my ballot for Party Leader. Do note please that these ballots must be in the hands of Party Officials by August 21, 2020. Ballots received after that date will be nullified.

Again, please donate as you can to the Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association. Every dollar counts! The tax benefit from making a political donation varies as follows:

Although there are electronic means to make donations, it is more advantageous to our KATI Conservative Association if individuals send cheques. With a cheque we acquire clear contact information and 100% of the funds remain with us. To this end, please make donation cheques out to:

Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association

Our mailing address is:

Kingston and The Islands Conservative Association

PO Box 1752 Station Main

Kingston ON K7L 5J6

Finally, our new Ontario Representative on the Conservative Party Constitution Committee, Ms Carol Clemenhagen, joined our electronic Board Executive meeting on July 14, 2020. Carol introduced herself, listened to our concerns, and gave insights to the role and activities of the Constitution Committee. We look forward to working with Carol in the future.




Gordon Ohlke