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The Kingston Conservative Feb 2021

The Kingston Conservative

Volume 1: February 2021     



President’s Word:


Greetings fellow Conservatives,


Happy New Year! Welcome to our newest endeavour in communications, the KATICA newsletter, The Kingston Conservative!




It is a new year full of challenges and opportunities. First, we must acquire a candidate. There are several aspirants, there will be much more on this in the weeks ahead. Then, the chosen candidate must win an election. We really do not know when this election will occur.

There is much speculation and opinions vary about the upcoming election. These go from a no notice sudden call at any moment soon, to a 'New Liberal Democratic Party Coalition' (which we have now defacto) going to full term. My personal views are split between a late spring election, before budget regulations bite, and the full-term scenario, to let major incompetencies and scandals fade in public memory, and in hopes that the pandemic is much on the wane by then.

We are positioning ourselves as best we can to deal with the situation. Through candidate search, building membership, and fund raising continuously. Watch for more aggressive communications, especially contra our incumbent Liberal MP - a low achiever who is invisible most of the time, at least until very recently.

We look forward to the Conservative Party of Canada's Policy Convention, March 18 to 20, 2021. It will be held virtually. We will make and endorse a number of policy submissions. These will include Foreign Policy and Trade, the Environment, Public Safety, and Housing.

With that, I wish each and all the very best in 2021 and onward, which includes the achievement of a Conservative majority government with a Conservative MP from Kingston and the Islands!



Gord Ohlke




Statement from CPC President Scott Lamb regarding the Conservative Party Convention

“Due to uncertainty around COVID-19 restrictions and public health guidelines in the coming months, the Conservative Party’s National Council voted to hold the previously scheduled in-person convention as a virtual convention.

“With the decision to move the convention to a virtual one, the Party will now host the convention earlier than the re-scheduled date of August 2021. The Conservative Party National Policy Convention will now take place on March 18 to 20, 2021 exclusively online.

“Holding the convention earlier allows for the Party to gather member’s feedback and build that into a platform for the next election. In a minority Parliament, the next election could come at any time, and holding the convention later risks having an election before we can gather views from our membership.

“National Council sent a survey in the summer asking for feedback around potential convention options depending on the circumstances around public health restrictions, and there was strong member support for a virtual convention if a large gathering like our traditional conventions would not be possible under those restrictions.

“This upcoming virtual convention in March will feature all the same highlights from conventions of past including constitutional and policy voting, National Council elections, training sessions, guest speakers, and much more.

“We’re looking forward to having an in-person convention again in the future, and National Council decided the next convention in 2023 will take place in Quebec City.

“Until then, we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the virtual convention, and ensuring our leader, Erin O’Toole, is armed with all the feedback from members he needs to build a platform that shows Canadians we’re a clear alternative to these Trudeau Liberals, and we will bring back the ethical, compassionate, and intelligent government Canada deserves.”






Election Preparedness:

When you lose an election, it sure puts the focus on what you did and how can you improve for the next one. To put it simply the volunteer recruitment was poor for 2019 and defeat was the price that we paid for it. It is clear that we need more people involved in the process, better volunteer organization, and preparation before we get to work on the next one. A new team is taking the lead on this one.

The start button has been pushed and the engine is moving into gear.

We are actively recruiting our canvassing volunteers, preparing our training and reaching out to the membership base to implement the plan. While it is early days, we are pleased to report that the early response is encouraging.

However, we need help and we are looking to you, our fellow Kingston Conservative members to step up to the plate and become a vital part of our movement. Training and support will be provided as we integrate you into the winning campaign.

We don’t know when the next election is going to happen but it is better to start the preparation rather than waiting to the last minute.

To participate in the journey, please send an e-mail message to us through this page:



It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Conservative Party in Kingston and the Islands! 

Our numbers keep growing month after month, but we want to be much stronger by the next election, which we know could come at any time with a minority government.

No doubt you’ve had a lot of conversations with friends and family recently, and you’ll have a whole lot more in the coming weeks.  Today I’m asking if you’ll ask two of them to join us?

There are a ton of benefits (see below).  As little as $10 a YEAR!  

I’m only asking each of you for two new members.  Why just two?  We’ll achieve our target membership, on time, and be ready to win the next election!

Membership Benefits:

  • Keeping informed of regional and national news within the Conservative party
  • Opportunity to attend Kingston and the Islands Conservative Association events
  • Receive the Kingston and the Islands newsletter and other communiques
  • Voting to select the candidate to represent your party in the next federal election
  • Voting for your EDA Board of Directors at your EDA Annual General Meeting
  • Participating as member of your riding’s EDA Board of Directors
  • Participating as a delegate for your EDA at the next national policy convention
  • Opportunity to be the EDA’s candidate representing the party in the next Federal Election





To win this riding it will take sufficient funds to run an effective campaign. Your donations are especially important in this regard. I hope that you will contribute the maximum you are able every year until the election is called. If it is called in the spring I hope that you can dig as deep as possible to support our new candidate.

It is only with your dedication to this cause that we can save Canada from the dire consequences of Liberal corruption and mismanagement.






  • Feb 12, 2021 Chinese (Lunar) New Year
  • Feb 12, 2021 9pm Delegate Selection Voting Deadline
  • Mar 18-20, 2021 Conservative Policy Convention (Virtual)
  • (TBD)  Candidate Nomination Election