President's Communications

The Sunrise Came Early

Dear fellow Conservatives,
Very early this morning, well before sunrise -what I believe will be a new day dawned on the Conservative Party of Canada's  fortunes.
Mr Erin O'Toole won the Leadership vote on the third ballot with a very clear decision.
Last night, the process was plagued with a problem as the processing of mail in ballots suffered a technical malfunction. Predictably, the tele journalists of a certain national broadcasting corporation mocked and sneered; nonetheless, very soon after midnight they began to change their tune.
At 1:30 AM on August 24, 2020, Mr O'Toole gave a very magnanimous victory speech. In this he thanked supporters, embraced his opponents, and indeed all Canadians. He identified the problems we face as a nation and as individuals but related that the solution to these problems lies in the strengths our people and nation have intrinsically. Erin O'Toole extolled the conservative virtues of loyalty, dedication, generosity, hard work, creativity and family values.
Yes dear friends, it appears we are at the dawn of a new day in not just our Party's fortunes but in those of our nation too!
Gordon Ohlke